IPL 2024 Auction Heads to Dubai with a New Women Auctioneer

IPL 2024 Auction – Cricket enthusiasts, get ready for a groundbreaking edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) as the auction for 2024 is set to unfold in Dubai, marking the first time it’s happening outside the boundaries of India. Adding a delightful twist to the spectacle, this year’s auction will be hosted by a woman auctioneer, breaking barriers and setting new milestones in the world of cricket. As we gear up for the event, let’s take a sneak peek into the numbers and dynamics that make IPL 2024 all the more exciting.

IPL 2024 Auction
IPL 2024 Auction

When and where will the IPL 2024 Auction take place?

For the first time in IPL history, the auction extravaganza will unfold in the vibrant city of Dubai. While the iconic Indian venues have been synonymous with IPL auctions, this shift to Dubai brings in a breath of fresh air, promising a unique and unforgettable experience for players and fans alike.

Who is the auctioneer and when will the IPL 2024 Auction take place?

Breaking away from tradition, a woman auctioneer will take the center stage to facilitate the bidding war. This move signifies a step towards inclusivity and diversity in the cricketing world, making IPL 2024 not only about the players on the field but also about breaking gender stereotypes off the field. Mallika Sagar, who auctioned the female players 10 days ago, will also auction the male players.

How many players will be included in this IPL 2024 Auction?

With 333 players up for grabs, the auction promises a riveting battle among the franchises to secure the best talent. However, with only 77 spots available across all IPL teams, the competition will be fierce, adding an element of unpredictability to the proceedings.

Out of the 333 players in the auction pool, a whopping 214 are homegrown talents, showcasing the depth of cricketing talent in India. Among them, 116 players have donned the prestigious Indian national team jersey, bringing experience and skill to the table. This further underscores the IPL’s role as a platform that nurtures and showcases India’s cricketing prowess.

While Indian players dominate the scene, the auction also features 119 foreign players vying for a coveted spot in the IPL. The inclusion of global talent adds an international flavor to the tournament, making IPL 2024 a melting pot of cricketing diversity.

How much money is in which team’s purse?

Which team has how much money in IPL 2024 auction?

TeamsMoney Spent (Rs.)Purse Outstanding (Rs.)Available SlotsForeigner Slots
Chennai Superkings68.6 crores31.4 crores63
Delhi Capitals71.05 crores28.95 crores94
Gujarat Titans61.85 crores38.15 crores82
Kolkata Knight Riders67.3 crores32.7 crores124
Lucknow Super Giants86.85 crores13.15 crores62
Mumbai Indians82.25 crores17.75 crores84
Punjab kings70.9 crores29.1 crores82
Royal Challengers Bangalore76.75 crores23.25 crores63
Rajasthan Royals85.5 crores14.5 crores83
Sunrisers Hyderabad66 crores34 crores63

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As the IPL 2024 auction gears up for a historic run in Dubai, the anticipation and excitement are palpable. With a woman auctioneer leading the charge, the spotlight on diversity and inclusion shines bright. The battle for the 77 available spots among the 333 players is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats, and as the franchises gear up for the bidding war, cricket enthusiasts worldwide are in for a treat. The stage is set, the players are ready, and Dubai awaits to witness another chapter in the glorious saga of the Indian Premier League. Let the bidding games begin!

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