DRS Full Form in Cricket: Unveiling the Power Behind Cricket’s Decision Review System

DRS Full Form: In the dynamic world of cricket, where precision and fairness are paramount, the Decision Review System (DRS) stands as a technological marvel, significantly impacting the way matches unfold. DRS is more than just a trio of letters; it represents a cutting-edge tool that has transformed the landscape of decision-making in the sport.

drs full form
Decision Review System

DRS Full Form in Cricket

DRS meaning the Decision Review System, It helps match officials, aiding them in making critical decisions during matches. This sophisticated system offers a comprehensive solution, enabling a more accurate and fair judgment of in-game events. Let’s delve into the drs full form and explore how it revolutionizes decision-making in cricket.”

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In DRS when on-field umpires decide to seek assistance from the third umpire, a process commonly referred to as an “Umpire Review,” or when players themselves wish to have the third umpire reevaluate a decision made by the on-field umpires, a situation known as a “Player Review,” comes into play.

In Test cricket, each team is granted the privilege of conducting 3 DRS reviews per innings. In the ODI cricket, both teams are entitled to 2 DRS reviews per innings. Meanwhile, in T20 cricket, a 1 DRS review per innings per team is at their disposal.

Types of DRS in Cricket

Umpire review

When the on-field umpires encounter difficulties in making judgments, such as in cases of run-out, boundary decisions, catches, and more, they have the option to call upon the third umpire for assistance in arriving at a conclusive decision.

Player review

Both the fielding team and the batting team have the opportunity to employ the system to contest umpiring decisions. The fielding team’s captain or the dismissed batter initiates this challenge by making a “T” signal with their arms or arm and bat. It’s crucial to note that these challenges are exclusively employed in situations that have the potential to lead to a dismissal.

Umpire’s call

The International Cricket Council introduced the concept of ‘Umpire’s Call’ in 2016. ‘Umpire’s Call’ signifies that the initial decision rendered by the on-field umpire remains intact. As per the regulations of the referral system, a reversal of the decision necessitates a “clear mistake” by the on-field umpire.

Several parameters are taken into account when evaluating whether a leg before wicket (LBW) decision constitutes a clear mistake. These include:

1. Was the ball’s pitch in line with the stumps?
2. The ball hitting the pad first and did the ball hit the batsman’s pad in line with the stumps.
3. What portion of the ball contacted the stumps, typically determined through the Hawk-Eye “ball tracking” system.

Additionally, when the original decision is upheld as ‘Umpire’s Call,’ the team making the appeal retains their review.

DRS Controversial News

In the 2023 World Cup match between Australia and South Africa, the decision involving Steve Smith stirred controversy, as the on-field decision was reversed through the DRS. Initially, to the naked eye, it appeared that the ball was moving towards the leg side. However, the replay provided a different perspective, with the DRS indicating that all three aspects were in favor of the dismissal.

In the same match Stoinis was dismissed for five runs, caught down the leg-side off Kagiso Rabada, which left Australia at 70-6 in their challenging pursuit of 312 for victory. Some replays suggested that the ball might have made contact with Stoinis’ glove while it was not in contact with the bat.


The Decision Review System has garnered a generally positive reception from players and coaches since its inception. This favorable feedback has prompted the ICC to strive for a consistent implementation of the DRS across all cricket matches worldwide.

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FAQs –

how many drs in t20 cricket?

in T20 cricket, a 1 DRS review per innings per team is at their disposal.

drs full form in cricket?

DRS meaning the Decision Review System, It helps match officials, aiding them in making critical decisions during matches.

drs timer?

The DRS review needs to be requested within 15 sec.

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