CCL 2024 Scorecard Bengal Tigers vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs: Bengal Tigers Roar Loud as Bhojpuri Dabbangs Bow Out

CCL 2024 Scorecard Bengal Tigers vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs: The Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2024 showcased yet another exhilarating clash as Bengal Tigers locked horns with Bhojpuri Dabbangs in the 13th match, held on 9th March 2024 in the cricketing hub of Chandigarh. The match not only lived up to the expectations but also unfolded as a rollercoaster of emotions, leaving cricket enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.

CCL 2024 Manoj Tiwari
Badshah of the match Jisshu Senguptha

CCL 2024 Bengal Tigers Squad

Bengal Tigers Squad: Uday, Indrasish, Mohan, Suman, Joy, Jisshu Senguptha (c), Joe, Yusuf, Jeetu Kamal, Jammy, Ratnadip Ghosh, Sandy, Aditya Roy Banerjee, Arman Ahamed, Manty, Rahul Mazumder, Gaurav Chakrabarty, Boney, Sourav Das, Ananda Chowdhury.

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CCL 2024 Bhojpuri Dabbangs Squad

Bhojpuri Dabbangs Squad: Ravi Kishan, Vikrant Singh, Manoj Tiwari (c), Aditya Ojha, Asgar Khan, Ayaz Khan, Jay Yadav, Vikas Singh Virappan, Ajhoy Sharma, Shailesh Sinha, Parvesh Lal Yadav, Uday Tiwari, Anshuman Singh Rajpoot, Khesari Lal Yadav, Vikas Jha, Baivaw Rai, Sudhir Singh, Dinesh Lal Yadav.

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CCL 2024 Scorecard Bengal Tigers vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs

Bengal Tigers First Inning

Bhojpuri Dabbangs, winning the toss, opted to field first, setting the stage for a daunting battle against Bengal Tigers. The Tigers, undeterred by the decision, embarked on a blazing first inning, posting an imposing total of 121 runs for the loss of 3 wickets in their allocated 10 overs. Jisshu emerged as the star of the show, smashing an exhilarating 47 runs in just 17 balls. Bhojpuri Dabbangs’ bowler, Khan, managed to break through, claiming 1 wicket in an impressive 2-over spell.

Bhojpuri Dabbangs’ First Inning Struggle

In response, Bhojpuri Dabbangs faced an uphill battle in the first inning, managing to score only 86 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in 10 overs. Aditya played a valiant knock, contributing the highest with 37 runs in 18 balls. Ananda, the Bengal Tigers’ bowler, proved to be a thorn in the Dabbangs’ side, taking 2 wickets in a tight 2-over spell.

Bengal Tigers Second Inning Dominance

With a lead of 35 runs after the first inning, Bengal Tigers seized the opportunity to extend their advantage. The Tigers roared louder in the second inning, putting up a massive total of 134 runs for the loss of 2 wickets. Rahul Mazumder played a captain’s innings, scoring an unbeaten 48 runs in just 25 balls. Bhojpuri Dabbangs’ bowler Aditya managed to claim 1 wicket in a 2-over spell.

Bhojpuri Dabbangs’ Unsuccessful Chase

Chasing a formidable target of 169 runs for victory, Bhojpuri Dabbangs faced an uphill task. The batting lineup struggled against Bengal Tigers’ bowlers, managing only 98 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in their allotted 10 overs. A Khan showed resilience with the highest score of 20 runs in 10 balls, while Captain Manoj Tiwari added 17 runs in the lower order. Satadeep, the Bengal Tigers’ bowler, played a pivotal role, taking 2 wickets.

Bengal Tigers vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs Scorecard Summary

In the end, Bhojpuri Dabbangs fell short by a significant margin of 71 runs, marking their exit from the Celebrity Cricket League 2024 without a single win in the season. Bengal Tigers, on the other hand, celebrated a convincing victory that showcased their dominance in this edition of CCL 2024.

CCL 2024 Scorecard Bengal Tigers vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs


The clash between Bengal Tigers and Bhojpuri Dabbangs in the CCL 2024 served as a captivating spectacle, displaying the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket. Bengal Tigers’ performance, led by captain Jisshu Senguptha, proved too formidable for Bhojpuri Dabbangs to overcome. As the tournament progresses, cricket enthusiasts can look forward to more thrilling encounters and standout performances, making CCL 2024 a truly unforgettable edition.


When was CCL started in 2024?

CCL 2024 Season started on 23rd February 2024 in Sharjah.

How many teams are there in CCL 2024?

There are 8 teams participating in CCL 2024 season.

Where is the CCL 2024 venue?

CCL 2024 will be played at five different venues Sharjah, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Trivandrum, Vizag.

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